Benefits of Hypnosis

Over the years I have seen some amazing things. Things that amazed me. Like the man who had seen 7 mental health professionals for depression with no change. Yet he spent 38 minutes in Hypnotherapy and came out with a different focus on life. A motivation to live differently and leave the past behind. And he has been successful in changing his life and as a consequence his whole family have benefitted.

Someone who had smoked for 30 years, yet was able to give up after 1 session.

A client who dropped 30 kilos in weight just by:

  • Eating mindfully.
  • Eating only what she liked.
  • Eating slowly and chewing each mouthful, mindfully at least 28 times.
  • Stopping when her body said- I’m full.

There is more to the process than this, but the basis of the change can be found in these four principles. Supported by hypnosis.

Stress is something we all experience at some time in our lives. Whether it is because of a relationship breakdown. A messy divorce. A stressful work situation. An abusive colleague. A health issue. Communication breakdown. Money problems. Trauma of any kind. Stress causes the body to be flooded with Cortisol. It’s on full alert. The body believes it is in danger so it is ready to deal with the danger. Fight/Flight response. And sometimes it can remain in this hyper vigilant state for years. The use of Hypnosis as an intervention can source the resources the client has to make change and use new strategies to support a new approach.

Anxiety is often the result of global thinking and a hypnotic intervention might include compartmentalizing some of the fears and installing some helpful strategies to support a more secure and structured approach to a fear.

Hypnosis can help with Insomnia. Addressing the presenting issues and supporting the session with hypnosis. A relaxing hypnotic recording can be very useful in re-establishing a sleep pattern.

Hypnosis is a drug free intervention that is client driven. Watching the changes that take place in a client as a result of a session is a wonderful experience. One that I love to see happening. In fact I never tire of watching that change. It re-energises me and gives me great satisfaction.

Roberta Connelly