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Regain control over your mind and life

Hypnotherapy in Seddon

In my years of practicing as a hypnotherapist in Seddon, I have consistently seen incredible results, like a man who had seen seven mental health professionals for depression with no positive results, yet spent 38 minutes in hypnotherapy and came out with a different perspective on life. Or the individual who had smoked for 30 years yet was able to give up after one session, or the client who dropped 30kg by eating mindfully and slowly, thanks to the techniques taught to her at our hypnosis centre in Seddon.

Improve your quality of life today with hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapist Seddon

Hypnosis can help with a variety of issues, from stress to anxiety and weight loss. Those looking for hypnotherapy in the Seddon area can find relief and recovery at Seddon Hypnotherapy Centre.

Stress is something we all experience at some time in our lives, whether it is as a result of a relationship breakdown, a stressful work situation, a health issue, money problems or anything else. Stress causes the body to be flooded with cortisol, engaging the fight or flight response and putting the body on full alert. In cases of severe anxiety, the body can remain in this hyper-vigilant state for years.

Hypnosis can be used as an intervention, identifying the resources the client possesses to make a change. As anxiety can often be the result of global thinking, a hypnotic intervention might include compartmentalising some of the fears and providing some helpful strategies to allow for a more structured and controlled approach to a fear.

Hypnosis can also help with insomnia, with hypnosis being used to address the presenting issues that cause sleeplessness. A relaxing hypnotic recording can also be very useful in re-establishing a sleep pattern. Those looking to ease their insomnia with support from a hypnotherapist in Seddon should look no further than Seddon Hypnotherapy Centre.

Lose weight, naturally

Weight Loss Programs Seddon

As alluded to above, Seddon Hypnotherapy Centre also provided weight loss programs for Seddon locals. Some of the basic four principles used in hypnotherapy to support weight loss include:

  • Eating mindfully
  • Eating only what you like
  • Eating slowly and chewing each mouthful mindfully, at least 28 times.
  • Stopping when your body signals that it is full

If you have been looking for a natural weight loss program in Seddon, hypnotherapy may be able to help.

Gain peace of mind with hypnosis

Hypnosis Centre Seddon

Those looking for a natural, drug-free intervention to their problems should visit our hypnosis centre in Seddon. My approach is client-driven, and motivated by watching the wonderful changes that take place in my clients. Seeing the positive changes re-energises me and gives me purpose in what I do, continuing to provide tailored, professional and friendly hypnotherapy in Seddon.

Roberta Connelly