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Make your habit go up in smoke

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Melbourne

Are you trapped in an ever-increasing spiral of cigarette smoking? Have you tried to give up numerous times and failed? Are you spending thousands of dollars on a habit that could give you heart disease or lung cancer? Are you tired of overflowing ashtrays and the unhygienic smells that result from your habit? Have you finally decided that you are ready to butt the cigarette out for good?


At the Seddon Hypnotherapy Centre, we provide a service that can free you from this addictive habit with our quit smoking hypnotherapy. Melbourne locals can easily visit our inner western location to put an end to their destructive habit.


Consider how much your smoking habit is costing you. If you smoke up to 30 cigarettes per day, then you spent nearly $11,000 per year, just to damage your body.

Compared to the $11,000 you spend, does $395.00 feel worthwhile to end your destructive habit?


The Quit Smoking Program provided by Seddon Hypnotherapy Centre includes:

  • Two 1-hour sessions of Hypnotherapy
  • A support CD to listen to at home

Typically, smokers may have to overcome some of the following challenges:

  • Physical Nicotine Addiction - Within 3 days of not smoking, the nicotine should have been eliminated from the body.
  • Habit/Association – You may associate many good memories with times you had a cigarette in hand, or the people you would mingle with who would always smoke. If you’ve been surrounded by a smoking culture in your friendship group or your family members all smoke, it may difficult to shake yourself from the association.
  • You may be accustomed to having a smoke with a cup of coffee or drink, after a meal, when you are upset and unable to voice your feelings, as soon as you get in the car or because you’ve always been part of the “smoking” group at work. These habits can be hard to shake on your own.
  • Stress/Tension- Often smokers deal with stress or tension by going outside and having a smoke rather than deal with the emotion. If this is the case for you, we will need to disconnect this emotion
  • Boredom/Frustration- Sometimes, when you have nothing better to do, you may just end up lighting a cigarette.
  • Fatigue/Stimulation- You may be used to lighting up a cigarette to energise yourself when tired or to celebrate when excited.
  • Relaxation/Enjoyment- Kicking back after a busy day may mean lighting up a cigarette for you.

Many smokers do not even enjoy the taste of smoking, but only continue their habit because of one of the aforementioned reasons. If any of the above triggers or habits apply to you, it may be even harder for you to shake your habit.

When you are ready to let go of your habit, turn to Seddon Hypnotherapy Centre for our quit smoking hypnotherapy in Melbourne’s inner west. We will help you identify your triggers, then work on disconnecting them to allow you to be free from your habit. Call us on 0448 919 942 to ignite change now.

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This video may help convince you to give it a go!