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About Me

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Prior to re-training as a Hypnotherapist, I had spent 20 years in Community Services managing sites delivering government contracts. My work took me all over Australia not just to the cities but also to regional and remote communities. I have witnessed the stresses that modern life places on the family and the individual. Life moves at great pace and there are times when we all struggle to keep up. Hypnotherapy helped me to make change in my life and I wanted to be able to give back the relief I experienced myself, to others.

What I love about hypnosis is that it is client directed. Drug free and can be repeated and enjoyed at home with a support CD. It’s such a relaxed state of being and I never tire of watching the face of a client relax and focus internally. It is such a beautiful feeling of relaxation, that they want to achieve the state again and again. And they can.

about weight loss

I specialise in weight loss because that is the area where hypnosis has had the greatest affect in my life. When I gave up smoking I put on weight and was unable to lose that weight. I did all the usual things. Dieted, lost weight and then put it all back on and more. I had always been a size 8-10 at my normal comfortable weight and I had ballooned out to a size 22. And I was very uncomfortable. Everything I ate seemed to put on weight. I managed to get myself back to a size 16 but could not get any further.

Food was still a problem and I easily gained weight. I felt deprived and constantly focussed on food. During my Diploma training I volunteered to be the guinea pig during the demonstration of the installation of the hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band. VGB. Over a 4-week period I lost 6 kilos easily and without doing anything other than eat smaller portion sizes. I did not feel hungry as I moved easily through the stages. I had one break out period and I decided to do a detox to clean out my system and after that I have been fine.

weight loss

The weight has continued to fall off slowly but surely. I am now down to a size 12 and I am confident I will eventually get back to a size 10. My mission is to help other people achieve what I have been able to do. You have to stay focussed, but with the support cd and the installation of the VGB it reduces your need for the portion sizes of the past and also facilitates dealing with the emotional eating patterns that have developed to cope with a past trauma. All these can be addressed if the client is willing. I am getting back to my old confident self and I can help others to do the same. And it is great to see that happen. I deliver the VGB Program, Individually and in Groups. Both methods produce excellent results and begin the process of change. The whole process has caused me to become much more educated about food, particularly processed food, so I can give my clients a more balanced view about what the food they are eating is doing to their bodies. Call me on 0448 919 942 for an appointment if you are ready to make change.

Other work

For most of my adult life I have worked sporadically in Theatre and also done some occasional work in film and TV. In the early days I did occasional directing of plays for local theatre companies. I still do some work in these areas because I love it. I understand the demands made on the actor/performer and the fears that can arise from the work. So I balance the demands of managing a practice and being available where possible to do some acting work and I continue to study to improve my skills. I am also an occasional babysitter for my many grandchildren and I enjoy doing that as well. So all in all I have a reasonably balanced life.

  • Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy
  • Vocational Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach
  • Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Clinical Qualification in Ego State Therapy (Dr Gordon Emmerson Phd)
  • 100 hours Hypnosis in Psychotherapy with Dr Michael Yapko, Phd
  • Theta Healing Basic DNA Certification
  • Registered AHA Hypnotherapist
  • Working With Children Card # 0097583A
  • AHA Professional Member PM 0414426
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How do I Work?

During a time when I was trying to identify my style I went to many Practitioners to experience their methodology and its effectiveness. I bring a compilation of all their styles into my work because they all had things they focus on specifically. I enjoy being a Hypnotherapist and I get much pleasure from seeing the change in the people who come to me for therapy. The benefits of exploring and participating in each of these therapies changed my life. I like to pass this gift on to people who come to me to make change in their lives.