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In my years of practicing as a hypnotherapist in Seddon, I have consistently seen incredible results, like a man who had seen seven mental health professionals for depression with no positive results, yet spent 38 minutes in hypnotherapy and came out with a different perspective on life. Or the individual who had smoked for 30 years yet was able to give up after one session, or the client who dropped 30kg by eating mindfully and slowly, thanks to the techniques taught to her at our hypnosis cent...

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The VGB program runs for 12 weeks and involves the hypnotic installation of the Virtual Gastric Band in the first week. I found that most of my clients were coming to me for weight loss. So I decided to try the VGB out for myself. I have been amazed at how easy it has been to lose weight. I don’t have the same hunger I once had. I am enjoying the small amount of exercise I committed to. I am watching the weight fall off easily. I feel great. It has not been hard at all.

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