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Seddon hypnotherapy for VGB is like a surgical knife of a skilled surgeon , who knows where to cut the pathological source. And, that’s the thing about Roberta. She knows the actual sources of weight gain , which not only comes from our food consumption , but also from our past and hidden memories.

Melbourne, Victoria

I had no experience with hypnotherapy before beginning with Roberta and wasn’t quite sure what to expect – but the weekly sessions were wonderful – calming, positive and encouraging – and l saw results immediately. The virtual gastric band worked better than l could have ever expected and, not only did l begin losing weight almost immediately

Melbourne, Victoria

It’s not often that you have life changing moments and working with Roberta has been one of those for me. Coming from a European family I thought being able to portion control my food after 35 years was basically impossible. Having tried every option under the sun, my last option was hypnosis and for the first time in my life it worked.

Melbourne, Victoria

This worked for me. I had my hand held gently and led to where I needed to be. I also had a few home truths told to me, which I had been using as excuses. Roberta’s kind caring manner, along with her honest, self reflective approach, was just what the doctor ordered. If you are after a complete lifestyle change, and not just a quick fix, then I can highly recommend Roberta to guide you.

Melbourne, Victoria

VGBH with Roberta was comprehensive in its content and impressive in its results. I believe the course answered more questions than I thought I had at the start, and resulted in changes and the elimination of some major lifestyle habits that were standing in the way of my happiness.

Melbourne, Victoria

I have had a number of attempts to lose weight in my life. As a naturally good eater and also from time to time a good ‘sometimes food & drink’ eater, I have had difficulties keeping to my ideal weight, even though I like to do regular exercise.

Melbourne, Victoria
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Regain control over your mind and life

Hypnotherapy Melbourne

In my years of practicing hypnotherapy in Melbourne, I have consistently seen incredible results, like a man who had seen seven mental health professionals for depression with no positive results, yet spent 38 minutes in hypnotherapy and came out with a different perspective on life. Or the individual who had smoked for 30 years yet was able to give up after one session, or the client who dropped 30kg by eating mindfully and slowly, thanks to the techniques taught to her at our hypnosis centre.

Improve your quality of life

Best Hypnotherapist Melbourne

Hypnosis can help with a variety of issues, from stress and anxiety to weight loss. Those looking for hypnotherapy Melbourne wide can find relief and recovery here at Seddon Hypnotherapy Centre. Here, hypnosis can be used as an intervention, identifying the resources that a client possesses to make a change.

As anxiety can often be the result of global thinking, a hypnotic intervention might include compartmentalising fears and providing some helpful strategies to allow for a more structured and controlled approach to a fear. Stress is something we all experience at some time in our lives, whether it is as a result of a relationship breakdown, a stressful work situation, a health issue, money problems or anything else. Stress causes the body to be flooded with cortisol, engaging the fight or flight response and putting the body on full alert. In cases of severe anxiety, the body can remain in this hyper-vigilant state for years.

Hypnosis can also assist with insomnia, as hypnosis is being used to address the presenting issues that cause sleeplessness. A relaxing hypnotic recording can also be very useful in re-establishing a sleep pattern. Those looking to ease their insomnia with support from the best hypnotherapist Melbourne has to offer, should consider contacting Seddon Hypnotherapy Centre.

Want to lose weight naturally?

Weight Loss Hypnosis Melbourne

As alluded to above, Seddon Hypnotherapy Centre also provides weight loss programs. The four basic principles used in our hypnosis Melbourne sessions to support weight loss include:

  • Eating mindfully
  • Eating only what you like
  • Eating slowly and chewing each mouthful mindfully
  • Stopping when your body signals that it is full

If you’ve been looking for a natural weight loss option, hypnotherapy may be the solution for you.

Gain peace of mind

Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic

It’s never too late to take a new approach and change your behaviour with the help of a Melbourne hypnotherapy clinic. I believe that those looking for a natural, drug-free intervention to their problems should visit Seddon Hypnotherapy Centre. My approach is client-driven, and motivated by watching the wonderful changes that take place in my clients. Seeing positive change re-energises me as I provide tailored, professional and friendly hypnotherapy in Melbourne. I look forward to meeting with you.

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