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Hypnosis for Sleep Melbourne

Mitchell (not his real name) had come to see me for help with his Insomnia. When I asked him what he did when he could not sleep, he said he would toss and turn, and would not want to get up because he thought it would prolong the process of not being able to sleep.

After tossing and turning, he would get frustrated and get up to get a glass of warm milk or cup of herbal tea.

It’s important for me to find out what strategies a client uses when they can’t sleep to determine what has been ineffective for them thus far. Sometimes, even if they get to sleep, it is not restful sleep and they wake up feeling exhausted.

We all need good quality sleep to function properly. Without it our life is a slog. In order to function well each day, we need 25% REM sleep and 75% slow wave sleep. Good sleep stabilises the workings of neurotransmitters in the brain which determine mood, motivation and emotional stability.

It’s well known that people who are depressed have as much as 3 times the amount of REM sleep as is normal and thus awaken feeling exhausted and lacking in energy.

Not having good sleep each night can also compromise the immune system, meaning you can end up feeling even worse due to complications or vulnerabilities caused by your insomnia.

How did we help?

  • Having learning about Mitchell’s strategies against sleeplessness, I asked him about his bedroom. Did he have noisy neighbours?

    No. What furniture is in his bedroom? Bed, bedside table, desk, computer, television, stereo. He worked from his bedroom, so all his work equipment was in the room.

  • After this, Mitchell and I discussed creating an environment in the bedroom that was conducive to rest. Once Mitchell moved all the work and electrical equipment out of the bedroom, it changed the energy in the room.

  • Then we talked about how he wound down prior to going to sleep. Some important factors that can be overlooked is that you should be warm (but not hot) when getting ready for bed, that your mind should not be stimulated and that the room should be sufficiently dark.

  • This means that watching TV before sleeping is not ideal. If you do, make sure the TV is not in your bedroom.

  • The best routine for getting ready for bed is to have a warm shower or bath prior to getting into bed. Choose a relaxing book or meditation to read for 10 minutes prior to sleep. Make sure the room is dark and allow your mind to empty of all thought prior to drifting off to sleep.

  • The biggest enemy to sleep is worry and rumination. Bed time is not the right time to review the day or go over the problems you are facing in your mind. It may be tempting or habitual for you to do so, but it will not help you to get the rest you need so you can function well the next day.

  • I worked with Mitchell to install strategies to deal with the worries and to learn some better ways to problem solve so it would become easier for him to clear his mind and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

  • By seeking out my hypnosis for sleep, Melbourne residents like Mitchell have been able to drastically improve their quality of life with improved sleep.

Enjoy restful nights

Hypnotherapy for Sleep Melbourne

If you struggle with getting a restful night’s sleep, call me on 0451 948 699 to make an appointment with me for my hypnotherapy for sleep. Melbourne residents can easily access Seddon Hypnotherapy Centre, located in Melbourne’s inner west, for better sleep strategies and quality of life.

Each practice is required plan, prepare and execute a Covid safe business plan, which should cover :

  • If you’re seeing clients from home there must be a clear delineation between work area and home, otherwise they would be deemed a house visitor and come under domestic scrutiny (different criteria) This is already in place.
  • No waiting area. Stagger sessions to allow sufficient time between clients (communication to clients, not to arrive earlier), and important to keep to time. This is in place
  • No glasses or water currently offered in the practice room as this is deemed unsafe. This is in place.
  • Cleaning / wipe down / disinfect between sessions. Already in place.
  • Social distancing (Remaining min 1.5 m apart at all times). Practice area must also adhere to the four square meter rule. In place.
  • Temperature checks and back ground health checks for all clients and employees to logged and recorded. I have a thermometer and can check temperature on arrival.
  • All clients with any health concerns  must stay at home (With no concern about penalty) and session to be provided remotely. Call me and cancel if in any doubt and get tested.
  • If a client is from a “Restricted Post Code Area” or should be in isolation, then you cannot see them face to face and remote session is the only option. Currently in place
  • Use of good hygiene, including clear advice on hand washing and provision of sanitisers is essential. Currently in place.
  • Contact tracing is critical, so keep good records of all interactions and phone details – I am currently using the COVID SAFE APP
  • Financial transactions should adhere to social distancing and contactless transactions are encouraged. All financial transaction will be via Funds Transfer as per usual.
  • Usages of face masks is unclear, as there is section regarding when it prevents clear communication – such as for teachers; however the use of masks is strongly recommended, and is essential when clients arrive and leave. I strongly recommend you wear a mask and I can work with a mask also. 
  • If in any doubt get tested.
  • Zoom sessions are available for anyone who would prefer to work in that environment
  • Please feel free to call me to discuss any other concerns you may have

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