Testimonials from Seddon Hypnotherapy Centre Clients

Testimonials from Seddon Hypnotherapy Centre Clients

We have recieved a great amount of testimonials over the years and we're grateful for each clients who haves taken the time to give us such wonderful feedback.

Dear Roberta,

I have never really understood how phobias work, and never ever had one before, but then I started getting ready to do a Triathlon and found out that I was having a total breakdown when I was practicing swimming in the ocean.

After working with you for only a few sessions, and implementing your advice, I am not breaking down anymore, where before I would need a good rest for a couple of days in order to get over the ordeal.

I am so grateful for your support and can honestly say that the sessions I have spent with you and techniques you have equipped me with have been life changing.

Kind Regards


Dear Roberta,

I want to thank you for helping me quit smoking, I had tried so many other methods including hypnotherapy in the past.

I was very sceptical as nothing had worked before.

Since having a session with you I haven’t had any urge whatsoever to pick up a cigarette and I am so grateful that you could help me.

I would highly recommend Roberta to anybody looking to give up addictions.

I look forward now to a smoke free life and so does my family.



Seddon hypnotherapy for VGB is like a surgical knife of a skilled surgeon , who knows where to cut the pathological source. And, that’s the thing about Roberta. She knows the actual sources of weight gain , which not only comes from our food consumption , but also from our past and hidden memories. Roberta takes care of her clients and give them lots of thoughts packages, able to shift your brain away from hunger and need of food, as well as homeworks to keep you in the track, so it is not just only a one-off session. I tremendously recommend her to everyone. She changed lots of wrong ideas , beliefs and perceptions about the HALO of food and converted my food epidemic into food blessings.

Simpley, Roberta rocks and knows how to kick it.


It’s not often that you have life changing moments and working with Roberta has been one of those for me.
Coming from a European family I thought being able to portion control my food after 35 years was basically impossible. Having tried every option under the sun, my last option was hypnosis and for the first time in my life it worked. I look great but most importantly feel amazing from the inside. Roberta gives you life long tools to do or be whoever you want – she is nothing short of amazing.

Forever thanks Roberta for your successful services, you have a client for life.


VGBH with Roberta was comprehensive in its content and impressive in its results. I believe the course answered more questions than I thought I had at the start, and resulted in changes and the elimination of some major lifestyle habits that were standing in the way of my happiness.

VGBH with Roberta has enabled me to make positive changes in my thinking style, being focused on the things that matter and not being anxious about the future or things I can’t control.

In terms of how VGBH has had positive effects on my weight loss, being in control and having full ownership and respect for my own emotions has meant that I do not need food to manage my emotions. Eating less comfort food or food in general to make myself feel better has resulted in a 2kg weight loss.

Weight loss and weight control are a journey and I am confident I have the tools, capacity and capability to achieve my goals. The lessons I have learnt through VGBH with Roberta are transferable to other parts of my life enabling me to achieve other life goals.

Thank you Roberta for your instruction. I’m looking forward to working with you in future to address other lifelong habits I want to eliminate.


A member of my family was suffering from extreme stress and was feeling very depressed.

They felt their obligations were becoming insurmountable and it put them in a very dark place.

The problem for me was that they were not living in Melbourne and so I could not assist them other than by phone support. 

I spoke to Roberta and she offered to have some phone time with them to see if she could help.

She booked in some time with them and had a couple of phone calls. She also provided to me some ’non medication’ options involving meditation and mindfulness.

I have mentioned these to my family member prior to Roberta’s phone call and they had not been given any advice in this area from their local psychotherapist.

However, after Roberta’s phone call, advice in this area miraculously appeared.  It could have been timing or something more spiritual, but it all came together for them.

I wish to thank Roberta for taking the time to talk me through the issues and take the time to talk to my family member about the various things to think about – and a good book to read when he was able. 

Not only do I have absolute confidence that Roberta had my family member’s best interest at heart, I was fully in tune with what she recommended and the advice she gave.

Thank you so much Roberta!


I had no experience with hypnotherapy before beginning with Roberta and wasn’t quite sure what to expect – but the weekly sessions were wonderful – calming, positive and encouraging – and l saw results immediately. The virtual gastric band worked better than l could have ever expected and, not only did l begin losing weight almost immediately – I feel a marked difference in my cravings and eating habits. I no longer crave things l know aren’t good for me and l also feel fuller and less hungry throughout the day. I honestly believe l now have the tools, knowledge and will to make life long changes that l know l will benefit from immensely. Thank you so much, it’s been amazing! I would highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to lose weight and get healthy.


This worked for me. I had my hand held gently and led to where I needed to be. I also had a few home truths told to me, which I had been using as excuses. Roberta’s kind caring manner, along with her honest, self reflective approach, was just what the doctor ordered. If you are after a complete lifestyle change, and not just a quick fix, then I can highly recommend Roberta to guide you.


I have had a number of attempts to lose weight in my life. As a naturally good eater and also from time to time a good ‘sometimes food & drink’ eater, I have had difficulties keeping to my ideal weight, even though I like to do regular exercise.

Up until this year, I have been able to diet on my own, set myself a goal and generally get to within a kilo or 2 of my goal, often quite quickly. But, it comes at a cost when the mental fortitude starts to wain and the temptation to have that ‘one drink’, that ‘one pastry’, that one ‘bite of chocolate’ takes over.

This year, I have struggled to set a goal and then keep to it. Call it age or too much on my plate (sic), but it has been much harder this past year.

So, this time round I have enlisted the support of all our health professionals in our BNI group including Roberta.

Roberta kicked it off with a hypnotherapy session at which she implemented a Virtual Gastric Band. Now I would have to say I was a sceptic as to whether my unconscious would react positively to this. But, that night, after a smaller but not ideal size of meal, certainly not large and certainly not after any prolonged eating, BUT after I had eaten it in my usual hurry, I felt a strong feeling of uncomfortableness around my stomach – like I had over-eaten. A lot.

And, this sensation has been triggered a few times since but nowhere nearly as badly as that first event as I am now eating more ‘consciously’.

So, I am now a raving fan of Roberta and the VGB and I am now eating more slowly and I am more aware of what I am putting in my mouth. Small steps perhaps but important ones if I am to get to my goal of weight loss and stay there.

Thanks Roberta and thanks for the VGB!


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