Panic Attacks
Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks

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There is a lot of stress in our world today. We have dealt with COVID and a lot of death and grief and loss. Combine that with climate change and all the amplified natural disasters that we are currently experiencing. A war in the Ukraine. People having to flee their country. So much uncertainty and when people become uncertain about now or their future they lose their anchor to safety. They mistrust people or life or nature.

They have a relationship breakdown. Or they begin using substances of some kind to medicate their fears. Alcohol, food, drugs, porn, sex, cigarettes. And suddenly they are needing to use more and more substance to feel safe…….. so much substance that they are out of control…….. and very often they will have panic attacks. They feel like they are having a heart attack……..and they are very scary. Sometimes they might even have that panic attack on a freeway or even when they are stuck on a freeway in a traffic jam and they cannot get off. If you or someone you love has experienced this feeling and you feel powerless to change it then it is probably time to come and see someone like me at Seddon Hypnotherapy Centre.

We can help you make the necessary changes that will restore you to balance again. 

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