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Written by Roberta O'Dea on .
Many people have had something happen to them as a child which has been so traumatic that it has branded them. They live with it, but it governs all their thinking and behaviours oftentimes to their detriment. They may have gone to “talk therapy” in the hope of addressing the trauma but it merely re-traumatises them. What they need is to be able to address the trauma and to let it go. At Seddon Hypnotherapy Centre we use techniques that all fall under Hypnotherapy and NLP to ensure that the client gets a good result. To watch someone be able to release some aspect of their earlier life and deal with the fears and guilts that they hold as a result of the trauma is the most rewarding part of my work. I love to see the changes in someone who has addressed a long held fear or trauma and the difference it makes to their life moving forward. After doing this work for many years I’ve come to the conclusion that most of us have had something traumatic happen at some time in our lives. Something we could not deal with at the time. Something which has impacted our lives in a very negative way and continues to do so. When the person makes a decision that they cannot continue to be affected by that event any more, hypnotherapy provides a very successful pathway to make change. To release that burden that they have carried along with the guilt and fears and emotions that were attached.

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