Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners

Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners

This is a short meditation for someone who wants to begin a regular mindfulness practice.

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This is a short meditation for someone who wants to begin a regular mindfulness practice. And that requires you to spend time in the body noticing what is happening in the body. Are you experiencing areas of stress or tension, hot cold numbness, pins and needles, muscle spasms. And if you are experiencing anything along these lines, rather than numb your body with some medication, we would encourage you to sit with the sensation and be aware of what the body is alerting you to. Allow the sensation to be as it is. Notice it.

Be present to it. Allow it to be there without resistance to it. Try not to judge or label or get into the “story.” Just notice the sensation until such time as it goes and then go back to the breath.

Most of us spend all our time in thought. Making up stories. Usually stories that scare us or upset us. Often horror stories or angry responses to something that happened at home or at work or on the road. And sometimes it is hard to move out of the head and into the body. However with practice it can be done. And a regular mindfulness practice is very valuable in teaching you to notice when you are not present to what you are doing. Be present. Practice being present and this recording is a good tool to help you begin your practice.

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