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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

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A mindfulness practice done consistently allows us to identify the thoughts and feelings and emotions that we create each day which have created that repetition day after day. When we notice how we think and feel and what triggers those feelings and emotions it is possible to begin to observe those thoughts without resistance or judgement or label or without getting into the story until they go. They will come back and if we can repeat the process of observation without attachment we begin to let go non- productive ways of creating our lives. It takes consistent practice, however the rewards are great. Because as we let go of the old ways of thinking and feeling and introduce new and much more empowering and healthy ways of thinking and feeling, we notice we are creating a happier, more loving way of life. Our expectations begin to change. 

At the Seddon Hypnotherapy Centre we offer regular Mindfulness Meditation sessions for you to practice these skills. And you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home because we do it over zoom. When you sit in a quiet space and focus on the breath, the steady rhythm of the breath, everything slows down. Thoughts may appear. As you observe the thoughts without attachment, you begin to notice how random they are and also that they are all related to past or future. There is nothing about NOW. Which is where you are in the present moment. In your body, focussing on the breath, the steady rhythm of the breath. If you can keep your body sitting comfortably, focussing on the breath and not get up to” do” something but rather, allow those thoughts to go through without attachment, eventually you will get to a space of nothing, which is so peaceful that you will want to practice this process again and again. Our website will give you a link to Eventbrite to book for these Mindfulness sessions.

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